2020 AP Economics and Gov Worksheets + Nearpods

Designed specifically for the AP curriculum, these worksheets cover every topic that students need to know. They are sold with an annual license based on the number of student users. Email with your school email account to get a free teacher trial. 

BONUS- Worksheets now come with digital Nearpod lessons covering every topic in AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Gov and Standard Econ 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What exactly do I get? 

Worksheets covering each topic that are designed to help students practice all the key concepts plus digital Nearpod lessons covering every topic. As a bonus, the AP Econ worksheets come with the Case Studies (CS) worksheets that focus on the real-world application of economic concepts.  

2. Do these resources give students access to the Ultimate Review Packet (URP)? 

No. The URP is a completely different product and is sold separately. Learn more about bulk discounts for the URP

3. How do these annual licenses work?

Each license gives you the permission to give the worksheets and to a specific number of students for one school year. The Nearpods also have an annual license.   

4. I have 3 classes with 30 students each. Can I buy one class-set of 30? 

No. You need a license for the total number of students that will use these worksheets

5. When do these licenses expire?

All licenses expire July 1, 2021. If you want to use the worksheets the next school year you need to purchase another license.

6. How do I pay? 

I will send you a link so you can pay online or your school can submit a purchase order via email.

7. Can I get access to the worksheets while my school is processing my order?

Yes. I will give you access once your school agrees to pay. 

8. How do I receive the worksheets?

The worksheets are 100% digital. Once you place an official order you will receive an email with instructions and the download link.

9. Can I preview the worksheets or the Ultimate Review Packet?

Of course. Send me an email to get a free trial. You must email through your school account and share a link to your staff website so I can verify that you are a teacher.  

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