2020 Standard Econ

Teacher Resources 

My new standard teacher resources are awesome! They include PowerPoints, multiple choice questions, activities, teaching tips, and more. These resources have everything you need to teach regular economics and cover your state standards. (See course content)

     Unit 1: Basic Economic Concepts

     Unit 2: Microeconomics

     Unit 3: Labor Markets and Personal Finance

     Unit 4: Macroeconomics

     Unit 5: The Global Economy

This also comes with my EconMovies Season 1 worksheets. 

Questions? See FAQs below or e-mail info@acdcleadership.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do the standard teacher resources come with the CASE STUDIES WORKSHEETS and Nearpod digital lessons?  

No. The teacher resources and CASE STUDIES WORKSHEETS and Nearpod lessons are different product and are sold separately. 

2. Do the standard teacher resources come with any worksheets?

YES! The teacher resources come with the worksheets for the first season of Econmovies. 

3. What if I don't like the resources? Can I get a refund? 

Yes. I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

4. How do I pay? 

You can pay online through this website or submit a school purchase order via e-mail (info@acdcleadership.com) 

5. Can I get access to the resources while my school is processing my order?

Yes. I will give you access to the resources once your school agrees to pay. 

6. How do I receive the resources?

The resources are 100% digital. Once you place an order you will receive an email with instructions and the download link. 

7. How many teachers can use the teacher resources? 

The resources are sold with a one-per-teacher license. Please do not order one and distribute it to multiple teachers.  

8. How are the standard teacher resources different than the AP teacher resources?

The standard economics teacher resources do not include AP content. Instead, these resources cover economics education standards for most states including, but not limited to, Arizona, California, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and New York. 

9. Is there any way to get the teacher resources for free? 

Yes. You get the teacher resources if you attend one of my teacher workshops

10. Are the teacher resources worth it? 

Yes. Email me through your school's email account and I will give you a teacher trial so you can check everything out. 

NEW Economics Case Studies Worksheets + Nearpods 

These 50 worksheets are designed to maximized student engagement and apply economic concepts to real-world scenarios. They also come with Nearpod digital lessons covering every topic!

Please email me (info@acdcleadership.com) through your school e-mail account to get a a free teacher trial. 

Get a free teacher trial! 

These digital worksheets are sold with an annual license based on the number of student users. Click on 'Learn More" below for more details.

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