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Ultimate Review Packet

Bulk Discount 

The Ultimate Review Packet (URP) is sold with a per-student license for one school year. Teachers and schools can purchase the packet for all their students at a bulk discount.

For a limited time the bulk price is $15 per student!

Please remember that you must purchase a license for all of your students is you use the study guides, practice sheets, practice exams, or videos  in class. All licenses expire July 1st.

  • Do the teacher resources come with worksheets or the Ultimate Review Packet?
    No. The teacher resources, worksheets, and Ultimate Review Packet are all different products and are sold separately.
  • Can I get a free trial?
    Yes, sign up for this mini-course to get samples of my different resources:
  • How many teachers can use the teacher resources?
    The resources are sold with a one-per-teacher license. Please do not order one and distribute it to multiple teachers.
  • Do I need an annual license to use the teacher resources?
    Unlike the worksheets or Ultimate Review Packet, you do not need an annual license to use the teacher resources. When you buy them once, you can use them for your entire teaching career.
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay online through this website or submit a school purchase order via e-mail (
  • Can I get access to the resources while my school is processing my order?
    Yes. I will give you access to the resources once your school agrees to pay.
  • How do I receive the resources?
    The resources are 100% digital. Once you place an order you will receive an email with instructions and the download link.
  • How different are the 2022 teacher resources from the 2018 version?
    The 2022 updated resources are aligned to the new curriculum. The units and PowerPoints are organized by topic and several concepts have been added.
  • Is there any way to get the teacher resources for free?
    Yes. You get the resources for free when you attend one of my teacher workshops.
  • Are the teacher resources worth it?
    Yes. Ask around :)

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