Ultimate Review Packet

Bulk Discount 

The Ultimate Review Packet (URP) is sold with a per-student license for one school year. Teachers and schools can purchase the packet for all their students at a bulk discount.

For a limited time the bulk price is $10 per student!

Please remember that you must purchase a license for all of your students is you use the study guides, practice sheets, practice exams, or videos  in class. All licenses expire July 1st, 2021.

Frequently asked questions

What other AP subjects have an Ultimate Review Packet?

AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Gov, AP US History, AP World History: Modern, AP Human Geography, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC

Can I preview the Ultimate Review Packet?

Of course. Just fill out the request form. Please remember to provide your school email and faculty page so we can verify that you are a teacher.

How do the licenses work?

When you order "x" number of licenses, you can use the packet with "x" number of students for one school year.

I have 3 classes of 30 students each. Can I buy one class set of 30 licenses?

No. You cannot use any of the resources in the packet with your students unless each student has a license.

Is there a minimum number of students required to get the bulk discount?

Yes. Teachers/schools must order at least 10 licenses to get the bulk discount.

Does the Ultimate Review Packet include the AP Economics Worksheets?

No. The Ultimate Review Packet and the worksheets are different products and are sold seperately.

How do I order?

Click on the order form above to place an order or get a quote.

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